Friday, December 23, 2011

IE9 hardware acceleration bug on

Just installed IE9 on my laptop and it seems to be super smooth. Several elements to match Firefox and Chrome, so it's generally an improvement. However, going to, I noticed that it fails to render the Oregon waterfalls (Waterfall in Silver Falls, Oregon") video background in correctly.

Disabling hardware acceleration corrected the situation for me. However, I'm curious if others are seeing this issue as well. I'm able to view other videos on the web fine (HTML5 manipulation also seems ok). Not sure if this is a Silverlight issue.

The weirded out page looks as shown above. Original looks like below ("software rendering"):
IE9 hardware accel ("software rendering") settings look like below:
Since the option is enabled, looks like at least IE9 thinks the hardware supports it. Again, not sure if this is a silverlight or IE9 issue.