Saturday, December 31, 2005

a F-fractal-R-fractal-A-fractal-C-fractal-T-fractal-A-fractal-L world

We all trade and interact daily: some shop at grocery stores, some at a self-serve gas-station, others online and still others transact multi-million dollar deals over lunch or dinner. The money goes to banks which trade with each other within the country; cities trade with each other, as do states and nations.

We work at companies or at different institutions or are self-employed, but in our daily work lives, we jostle against each other, trying to be the best. The entities we work for (our companies, instructions or our-selves) jostle against each other, trying to be the best.

Within our bodies, the blood vessels split and split again as they nourish and sustain every single living cell in our body. Surprisingly, each set of branching looks like its "predecessor". The dendrites that facilitate the amazingly networked computer we refer to as our brain, split several times over in a pattern similar to the blood vessels.

These are just some instances of self-similarity from the countably infinite (could they be innumerably infinite??) examples that occur all around us. To me, this seems to vehemently suggest that there's a pattern underneath this all. I'm not implying the existence of God, but maybe a few "simple" "laws".

There is the second law of thermodynamics (paraphrased) "things tend to proceed in the direction of increasing entropy" or as Murphy stated it "Anything that can go wrong, will." But this isn't what I’m talking about. The 2nd law just makes a very detached, generic statement. It doesn't tell given a system how exactly it is going to evolve so that entropy increases, or even why. It just says things are going to hell (Ironically the final resting state of the universe would be when all mass/energy is uniformly distributed throughout so that everything will a uniform temperature fairly close to Absolute Zero Kelvin, quite unlike hell. Maybe that's what they mean by "when hell freezes over").

I'm more thinking about an explanation that tells given a system and its initial conditions (say, a tree of a particular kind with so many leaves and in this health with these environmental conditions) its state and that of the larger system it is part of (e.g. forest) at any time later would be determined by this "fractal" law. And I would love to use that on the stock/futures market :)

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