Tuesday, March 14, 2006

The Weekend Movie

Lets see if you can figure this one out!


RING <"Fur Elise", actually>

"Hey! sup?"

"Nothin much. Getting my car serviced and then cleaning and waxing it a little. What's going on with you."
"Nothing much, just the usual weekend. Needed to ask you a few questions regarding my homework. You free in the evening?"

"Ya pretty much. Just call and come over."
"okay. cool. shaam ko aane se pehle will give you a call"

"sounds good! chalo then bye"



RING <"fur elise" again>

"hey, sup?"
"you at home?"

"cool.. i'll just come over. By the way, dinner ka kya plan hai?"

"kuch socha nahin. don't feel like going out though. have enough stuff at home. kuch kar lenge. just aa jao."
"cool. theek hai. i'll be there thodi der main."



"why don't you call your roomie as well..."
"sounds good"


"hey! wats up? long time... kaise ho?"
"kewl man... bus vohi. same old same old"

"same shit different day?"
"ha ha... aisa hi kuch. how's the job going?"

"same shit different day."
"ha ha.."
"hah haha"

"nah, actually i'm enjoying this... it's getting a little busy, but i kinda like it like that. sorta get bored agar karne ko kuch nahin ho to."
"haan.. yeh baat to hai..."

"accha suno, khana to ban gaya... kuch movie dekhne ka plan hai kya?"

"i have this from netflix... have you all seen it?"
"ya, it's a good one."

"oh you've seen it. what about you?"
"yep... maine bhi dekhi hai... good movie. dekh sakte hain."

"nah... agar tum dono ne dekhi hai to kya point hai?"
"chalo theek hai. kuch le aate hain."

"sounds good!"

later at the video store...


"Hi there! How're y'all doin' tonight?"
"Doing great thanks! trying to keep outta the rain"

"I hear ya. I hear ya. It's stopped now isn't it. been at it all day"
"yep. you bet. it's actually pretty nice out there now."

"Ya, can't wait for it to get warm."
"A couple weeks more!"

"Good night for a movie though."
"That's why we're here! ha ha"


"Alright... so what do we want to watch..."
"I don't know. What do you want to watch?"

"I don't know. Whenever I'm at work or at home, I keep thinking 'want to see this, want to see that'. Yahan aakar mind ek dum blank ho jata hai"
"ha ha.. me too."

"anyways, new releases"
"okay... i don't think anything good's come out in a while"

"ya i know. hmmn... hey that's a good movie. saw that in the theater. Did you see that one?"
"Yep. cool hai. Saw this one?"

"ya. so and so actor, such and such director. didn't like it all that much. medium"

"hey how about this one? heard about it at work. you've seen it?"
"no i haven't. what's it about.... hmmn sounds good. i don't know if he's seen it though."

"okay i'll call and ask... hey you've seen this one? oh you have? oh oh... ya we'll try and get another one then. any you want to watch? ok cool... we'll keep looking."
"so he's seen it, huh?"

"yep. said he saw it last weekend..."
"hey what about this one? i've been wanting to see it for a while.."


"ya i've seen it... "
"okay... how about this one then?"

"i don't think i've seen that one..."
"it's got such and such and the story's such and such. heard about it from so and so. what do you think?"

"lagti to theek hai... call kar lete hain phir bhi. i think he might've seen it. Hey, you've this one? It's got such and such and the story's such and such. Oh you haven't? I thought you were telling me about it the other day? Oh you wanted to see it? okay cool then we'll get this"



"God, that was a stupid movie. did any of that make sense?"
"kuch bhi nahin... total bakwaas."

"man... it's late. have to get to work tomorrow... "
"chalo then, thanks a lot"

"no problem... chalo good night"
"haan yaar, good night"
"good night"

"theek hai phir milte hain... see you at the rec"

"yep. break's over so gym's going to be open. so finally can play again"
"cool.. chalo phir milte hain"

"good night"


Beth said...

Hi Kage -
This post is genius. Makes me glad I usually watch Bollywood by myself, so I don't have to argue with anyone that they should put down that Salman Khan and just go with me on the Akshaye thing.

Thanks for your comment, by the way. I haven't left yet - but in just over three weeks I fly to Delhi! My house is in chaos as I try to figure out what to pack and figure out gifts to bring, things like that. I'm so excited, though - a little nervous, since so far I don't know much about what to expect in terms of what I'll actually be doing - but completely thrilled to get to be traveling in India!

babasko said...

hi kage
i got here through beths blog :-)

great post. its very much a deja-vu (minus the hindi *g*). and i think that i might have watched a few to many hindi film since i understood everything ;-)