Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Mumbai Terrorist Attack: the face of terror

While watching the news online earlier today, one channel showed a frame grab of a terrorist wearing what seemed to be black t-shirt with "versa" visible on the front. I assumed this meant "Universal". His shoulder seemed to support a blue backpack and seemed to be carrying an AK (very dark, couldn't make out). I don't remember which online stream it was, but it was one of NDTV, MSNBC, CNN or Reuters. I'm surprised, very surprised, that this image hasn't been flashed across the screens more. Where is this image? Who is this guy? Why are we NOT seeing this all over the place? Who took the picture? Are they alive or gunned down? Have the authorities made an attempt to contact said photographer for details on the attacker?

Update (2008-11-26): adding picture from TOI website

Who is this guy? Let's find him.

Btw, now that I look at this image more, this has been altered from the one I remember seeing. There is definitely some processing done to try to brighten up the image, but apparently at the sacrifice of detail. I remember the original not being this "washed out". The red band on the terrorist's right hand wasn't this prominent. Most importantly, his facial features were visible, despite the red-eye glares. In the current form, I can barely make out the facial features. ID-ing the guy on the basis of this, would be difficult.

Upated: more photos

Updated 2008-12-04:

photo obtained from here

He is the same person in the first photo on this page. Ironic that he's the only terrorist caught alive. Amir Azam Kasab aka A.A. Qasab, Mohammad Ajmal, Mohammed Amin Kasab


Rana said...

The picture appears on the front page of the Times of India today. The caption says that it was taken by a reporter from inside the window of the TOI office in Mumbai.
I agree that it's wonderful- that look is classic.

kage said...

hi Rana, thanks for the tip. I'll add the photo here. however, I'm confused by your use of the term "classic".

"Classic" would definitely not be in the top 5 in my list of adjectives to describe anything related to this incident. "Scary" might be more like it