Sunday, August 02, 2009

The Internet is a wonderful thing

So, I'm sitting at home, having lunch on a Sunday afternoon when I catch a screening of "A Beautiful Mind". Right around the scene where John Nash is "arrested" by Dr. Rosenberg, I noticed a face in the extras in the scene I had never noticed before... It was only a fleeting glimpse and I swore to myself that I saw Bryce Dallas Howard. Given the fact that it was directed by her father Ron "Opie" Howard, and his propensity for casting his family in minor roles in his films, I was reasonably sure. But, I wanted to be sure. So I Imdb-ed "A Beautiful Mind", "Bryce Dallas Howard" and found no link... "Bing and Google are your friends"... after a persistent search of keyterms and scouring through websites, i stumbled upon confirmation at this website!

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kage said...

Just finished watching Max Payne. Another ho-hum Mark Wahlberg flick. I thought i spotted someone familiar in one of the initial scenes when Olga's character makes an appearance: there's a very pretty blonde who takes a hit of the Valkyr drug and hallucinates the shadows of angels / demons. Racked my brain a little and placed her as "Daphne", the speedster from "The Heroes", you know the one "Hiro" calls as "Nemesis".

So I went through the end credits but didn't see her name. Browsed to IMDB and sure enough, she's Brea Grant, playing the "junkie (uncredited)"

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