Thursday, June 23, 2011

Bing "similar images" fail

Bing has been very impressive with its home page. I find myself checking out just to see their daily image. The landing page images are generally beautiful and generally very engaging. However, looking past the landing page, the features offered can do interestingly weird things.

Take the image search for example: I love their image interface! I felt it was better than Google's and then Google confirmed my opinion by aping Bing's interface. So, I find myself exploring Bing's image search every so often. Today, they had a really "cute" (ack.. i said it) image of meercats.


Clicking on one of the boxes brought me to the Bing image search page. There amongst several photos of kissing meercats, I spotted an add looking doll. Interestingly it was even labeled "Creepiest Dolls". No kidding. Check it out below:

the zoomed image is below for your viewing pleasure!

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