Friday, March 23, 2012

A good writer is like a Super Hero

A good writer is like a Super Hero. Only, for some reason, they aren’t celebrated or cherished as highly. I have always wondered why. 

Maybe it is the bravado of bearing their tighty-whities over their trousers that separates the Super Hero from the Writer. You laugh and say “Dude, you must be joking!” (Well, I hope you’re laughing, ok at least thinking about smiling. I’m trying hard here!).

But good writers are like super-heroes! It is true! Once you realize this, the similarities can hit you on multiple levels; akin to the shock of realizing how much your little one’s dream of owning that Super Hero costume for Halloween is going to cost you. Still, I bet, you’ll prefer it to the realization that one day, your child, will in time, give you as much pain and joy, if not more, as you’ve given your parents. Like running away with the girl or boy you don’t approve of. And that you will still love them to death for it.

Back to the Super Hero analogy: take Spider Man for example. He was merely a teenager when he was bitten by a bug, a spider, which gave him his powers. A good writer too starts out young when he or she’s bitten by the bug, the Writer’s Bug.

Still not buying it? What about Spider Man’s powers? He spins yarn! So does a Writer!

“Spider Man could scale walls and jump over buildings”, you say? A good Writer can help all of humanity scale the barricades of social rigidity and dogma.

“Spider Man can lift 40 times his body weight?” you counter. Mahatma Gandhi lifted an entire nation to Freedom with his Writing and his Ideas.

Spider Man helps bring criminals and corrupt politicians to justice. So can Good Journalists and Writers! And that’s also why we need more of them. I mean Good Conscientious Journalists and Writers, not corrupt politicians. God knows we have enough of them already!

And finally, who created Spider Man? Stan Lee, the comic book Writer who also created several other Super Heroes of the comic pantheon such as the Hulk, the X-Men, Iron Man, Fantastic Four, Thor and the Avengers!

Writers ARE Super Heroes. Help your children become both.

Only don’t let them pretend to be a Super Hero with their underwear over their pants. Leave that to fictional Super Heroes. Trust me. I embarrassed my parents doing so once. Didn’t go very well. For them. I still laugh about it, sheepishly.

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